Dave Green: Building Themes Using The WP Customizer

One response on “Dave Green: Building Themes Using The WP Customizer

  1. davetgreen

    I hope you enjoy this talk. It’s worth pointing out that my slides are still available at http://davetgreen.me/customizer-talk/, and have been updated since WCMCR to include several corrections, and a handful of new slides.


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December 18, 2015

If you’re not already using the customiser to add custom ‘options’ into your themes, then this talk will help you get started! Dave will cover the fundamentals of getting your theme ready for customiser action before showing you how to add settings, controls, sections and panels. Then the talk will touch on more advanced topics such as enabling live updates to preview your changes, exercising control over your website’s colours and finally how to add your own custom controls for more advanced input options.

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