Jai Sangha: Don’t Let Content Hold Your Website Back

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January 11, 2016

Presentation will cover: Why content is important; website content and how to start developing it; how blogs enhance a website and why not to be afraid of blogging; delve into blogging strategies, tips and topics; take a vertical dive into writing – basic concepts on grammar, sentence structure, voice, etc. to make content better; content driving SEO, with specific focus on the Yoast SEO plugin and how to use it.

The intended audience is WordPress users and bloggers, and anyone who struggles with putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard).

Learning Outcomes

– Develop content for websites based on the less-is-more approach keeping responsive design in mind.
– Improve the quality of content on their website.
– Use the Yoast SEO plugin to improve content and SEO for pages and blog posts.
– Think about different ideas for which they can use their blog.
– Overcome the fear of blogging.

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