John James Jacoby: Enterprise Level Project Management Isn’t For Wimps

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April 10, 2016

WordPress has emerged as the premiere CMS for enterprise level builds. The management of those accounts, projects, and teams has then emerged as a fast growing career field in our economy. ​​While the barrier to entry may seem low (how hard can project management of a website actually be?) don’t let that fool you. ​Project​ management ​​doesn’t​ necessarily​ require the ability to push change to a code base, it does require a ​decent level of technical proficiency​, comprehension skills, documentation skills, ​and hard-won people skills all woven together in what one must present as confidence team leadership.

​Enterprise Level Project Management Isn’t For Wimps ​will examine best practices for managing large WordPress projects, communication strategies for teams, and the anticipated future direction of WordPress project managers. If your company is growing and you need to hire a Project Manager, know what to look for in candidates. If you are looking to move into Project Management in WordPress, come hear from someone who has been doing this for a few years and has worked with some of the largest WordPress installations on the web today. If you are a designer or developer, come learn how to help your Project Manager help you hit the milestones and launch date.

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