Tom Greenwood: How to attract big name clients with LOVE

2 responses on “Tom Greenwood: How to attract big name clients with LOVE

  1. Ross Wintle

    Great talk. There’s some really good information in here and you can be proud of your business and staff. Thanks Tom! Really helpful.


  2. Tom Greenwood

    Thanks Ross – really glad you found it positive 🙂


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May 30, 2016

Tom and Vineeta Greenwood founded Wholegrain Digital in 2007 and developed it into one of Europe’s top specialist WordPress agencies, with clients such as M&S, Rightmove, Lenovo, UNICEF and Ecover. The question that we are most commonly asked by other agency owners and freelancers is “How do you get those big name clients?” In this presentation, I will reveal the key secrets, tips and techniques that Wholegrain Digital have used to attract big name clients over the years, often defying conventional business wisdom and sales practices and instead following a process centred on love.

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