Sonja Leix: My friend the Impostor Syndrome

4 responses on “Sonja Leix: My friend the Impostor Syndrome

  1. Annette Völckner

    Have a look at the blogpost as well

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  2. jashryn

    Thank you Sonja, very insightful. I had no idea how much of the syndrome I have, until I heard you express your personal experience. You also inspired me to get more involved and do something to resolve it.


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July 3, 2016

Have you ever compared yourself to other designers / developers and felt like you’re not in their league?

Do you write code, but wouldn’t dare to call yourself a developer?

Do you shy away from contributing or publishing your code / designs / projects openly, because you’re worried you’re not good enough?

At WordCamps, are you afraid to ask “stupid” questions or admit if you don’t understand something?


Congrats, you’re suffering from Impostor Syndrome.

Most of us do, but not many talk about it!

I’d like to share my struggles with it and how I’m overcoming it. And so can you!

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