Matthew Dorman: Tools to Monitor and Improve Your Website

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October 6, 2016

Some of the most aesthetically pleasing sites are also the slowest, but you don’t have to limit yourself to square corners and solid background colors to speed up your WordPress site. There are a number amazing free or inexpensive tools to help you monitor and adjust the performance of your site(s). The Pitch While clear, many somehow forget the simple equation that: Great design + fast loading pages + (great content of course) = more traffic. The Focus How to monitor existing as well as sites in development to make them super fast WordPress sites will be core to the presentation. You will come away from the presentation with a broader understanding of current performance improving trends and what data is relevant to specific scenarios. Questions Answered Why should I care about faster loading pages, as long as it looks good I’ll keep getting work? With most people connecting via broadband, why do I need to focus on performance at all? How can I convince my boss/client/developer/etc that performance is something worth investing time/money in?

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