Sharon Dawson: Not One and Done

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November 9, 2016

When you write a new blog post on your WordPress site, do you post immediately to your social media platforms that one day, and then never again? Do you think a Magical Social Media Fairy will then grant you 1,000 views every day for the next five years with that one engagement?

Don’t let that well-researched, well-written blog slowly die on your website. Learn how to leverage social media to re-purpose and re-promote the content from your WordPress site in ways that save you time and effort. You’ll learn:

The best plugins for re-promoting your content
How to integrate content scheduling plugins to auto push to your social media accounts
How to use your well-written blog to create new content types
How to automate your social media posting
After you implement the tips you’ll learn in this session, you will see the magic – the magic of increased engagement with your website.

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