Courtney OCallaghan: WordPress is for Blogs – CMS Diversity in Museums

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    Didn’t see where to get-in-touch. I Have some PoC code for multi-faceted taxonomies which are typically much faster than multi-level taxonomies and I created for a scientific research business proposal.

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December 10, 2016

As many museums move towards diverse open data policies, one would assume their choice of CMS would follow suit. One would be WRONG.

In this talk I will begin by reviewing the current state of technology in museums, with a focus on their usage of open source Content Management Systems (where Drupal reigns supreme and WordPress is only for blogging). I will discuss why the perceived lack of os software competition in this sector keeps museums trapped in systems they cannot afford to update. I will end by sharing ways the OS community can get involved in the would of Cultural Institutions.

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