Petya Raykovska: The WP REST API Guide for Non-Developers

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December 12, 2016

There is a hype surrounding the WordPress REST API these days. People focus on how it will change the future of WordPress, allow developers to expand the range of projects they can build, make WordPress popular outside its own bubble.

As a project manager working for a company heavily invested in the development of the REST API, I felt a lot of pressure to understand what it is, how it will change things for developers, clients, and – well, me. You see, I’ve been building WordPress sites for the past 4 years, with almost non-existent development skills. Is the REST API going to change that? What will it mean for small agencies? What will it mean for theme shops?

We rarely talk about are the challenges presented by the REST API, especially for non-developers, mostly because the only people who talk about the REST API are developers.

This talk provides a short guide to the WordPress REST API from a non-developer perspective what is it, how it will change WordPress development, combined with some thoughts on the impact it will have on projects created with WordPress and the people creating them.

– cover some of the hype around the REST API
– look at what REST is
– look at how the REST API will impact WordPress development. I’ll cover different ways that people are using it
– tells a funny story about two clueless PMs learning how the REST API changes building sites with WordPress the hard way
– look at the impact that the REST API will have on WordPress businesses

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