Brian Rotsztein: How to Succeed as an Independent Blogger

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December 16, 2016

Independent bloggers have become multi-platform influencers with success being much more broadly defined. Getting people to pay attention, being influential on social media networks, obtaining financial rewards and non-monetary incentives, and acquiring self-branding skills are being tied to the creation of valuable content. All of these are associated with a more recent, evolved view of blogging and success. In this session, attendees will learn what it means to be a successful blogger, discover some of the latest trends in blogging, gain insight into becoming an influencer, get advice on how to view success, get tips for finding success-generating topics to write about (e.g., products, services, people, events,…), learn about maintaining a balanced work-life lifestyle as an independent blogger, and find out about emerging trends in generating revenue from their blog and social network.

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