Jessica Nudo: Beyond Social Media – Why Influencers Will Need an Exit Strategy

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December 19, 2016

Public relations, brands and bloggers: who’s influencing who? Sure running a blog is great, but social media followers aside — how do you monetize it? Can people really tell it you’re buying followers and engagement? The blogger market is becoming increasingly more saturated, as more and more Millenials want to be considered influencers. More often than not, bloggers with larger social media followings are hired over their low-follower peers, but how effective are the campaigns they are hired for? This talk will examine the realities of bloggers who are trying to make a living and whether or not these campaigns are actually paying off for the clients. A strong emphasis will be placed on the importance of systematic support in face to face discussions, versus faceless, less personal (and expensive!) sponsored posts on social media — and where the influencer world is heading. Spoiler alert: don’t quit your day job.

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