James Hipkin: Profitable Website Development – The Oreo Cookie Strategy

One response on “James Hipkin: Profitable Website Development – The Oreo Cookie Strategy

  1. lewiscowles2015

    21:30 “No we get paid right away, we don’t do anything before we get paid!” Thank you for being intelligent. So many people offset payment too late and take on board risk that they just inflated as if they are running a massive bank that they don’t want to survive… We’re not running banks, stop providing loans, manage risk you need to be paid a non-trivial amount to do that!

    As a non-agency my business struggles with 50% of clients at least not being open to discovery. We have clear terms that without formal discovery budget cannot be fixed etc and I don’t have a clue why for some people that is okay. You must have great strategies for getting the number of clients to accept discovery down to a point where you say it’s essential. I’d love to read, hear more about those.


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January 4, 2017

Design agencies across the country have commented that they are no longer designing websites because they struggle to money on their web design projects — in fact, they frequently lose money.

This presentation is a reaction to this industry belief based on our agency experiences. It will present an approach that will lead to profitable projects, showing you how, with a few changes to process, a design agency can make money from website projects.

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