Susan Wenner Jackson: Creating Content That Matters

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January 7, 2017

Whatever you’re trying to achieve through your WordPress site, relevant content must be part of your formula for success. You might have the world’s most amazing logo, design, search optimization, mobile-friendly features, and everything else a good WordPress site should offer. But without tangible, authentic, and valuable content to offer up, that beautiful, functional site will remain an empty, lonely shell.

Find out how to generate content that will reach and engage your intended target. By applying some fundamentals of good old-fashioned journalism and editorial strategy, you can crack the code on producing what today’s consumers of content really want.

This session will cover:
– Identifying which content areas or topics you should focus on
– Choosing which media will work best for you (articles, videos, e-books, etc.)
– Creating an editorial plan and calendar
– Getting your content out to your desired audience
– How to use your content to achieve your goals

Throughout the presentation, you’ll see illustrative examples of WordPress content at its best, with tips and takeaways to improve your own site.

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