Isabelle Garcia: Learn How to Create Video With a Smartphone For Your WordPress Blog

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March 28, 2017

If you want to learn how to create video with a smartphone for your WordPress blog, then this talk is for you. With practical examples, I am going to show you some basic rules for creating relevant video content for your blog.

Since about a year now, I have been using videos, more and more, to illustrate my social media and blog. I am Digital Nomad and I travel a lot while working remotely. Videos are a great way to show my followers what I am up to and they love it!

With VINUBIS Video Editor plugin for WordPress, I found a way to easily create video out of my smart phone directly onto my WordPress blog. My talk will include a live video recording that I will then edit and render with VINUBIS Video Editor plugin for WordPress. We will publish the result all together into a WordPress blog post. All this will be done live during the talk, so that you will be able to really experience my process of video creation. Hopefully, I’ll inspire you to create more video for your blog.

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