Mallie Hart: Smarter Social Sharing For Killer Content Marketing!

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March 29, 2017

You create a killer read. Your article will change the way your ideal client does business. You’ll be inundated with calls from prospects wanting you to help them better their business. But there’s one small problem … no one’s reading the killer content you created. Writing and publishing doesn’t build a business unless your content lands in front of ready to read eyes.

That’s where smart social sharing comes in. But often this part of the content marketing equation is ignored or misunderstood. How can you get more eyes on your content prize? That’s what this talk will deliver.

We’ll talk social sharing best practices, etiquette and connection building techniques. We’ll also talk tools (plug-ins and schedulers) and smart social sharing set-up, including how to use – and not abuse – hashtags and keywords … and a whole lot more!

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