Joseph Abraham: Flexbox for WordPress

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  1. techiedesigner

    So awesome to be able to present this year. Thanks for having me!


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April 15, 2017

When making websites over the years, I often centered content vertically and created responsive columns. In order to achieve the aforementioned effect, I would use a css hacks. Every hack came with unique set of customized code for every major browser. Flexbox and grid were established (2009-12) to replace bloated use of ‘float’ and layout hacks. With Google partial to fast mobile friendly pages, flexbox serves content quickly and robustly, using less code. Current WordPress themes generally seem to be using non-flexbox methods to create a similar result; it’s likely this will change over the coming years. I am an advocate of flexbox. My presentation will answer the following questions. 1) Where did flexbox come from and where is it used now? 2) When should one use flexbox? 3) How does one use flexbox? 4) What is the future of flexbox? 5) Why is flexbox relevant for WordPress designers and developers?

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