Chris Ford: User Experience is More Than Hamburger Menus

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April 20, 2017

Product companies are keenly aware of how important user experience is in the success of their theme or plugin. Designers and developers debate the merits of the hamburger icon, talk about content hierarchies, and strive to create an experience that surprises and delights their end users. We carefully craft, test, and iterate because usability is a make or break component of any digital product. One of the most difficult user experience hurdles to overcome is teaching people how to use them. An intuitive user interface, well defined hierarchy of information, and clear calls to action are a vital component of a positive user experience–but what happens when your product is more complex than you can describe in a five screen on-boarding animation? Bridge the usability gap with education. By educating your users, you’re creating a positive, empowering experience. Education empowers them to use your product without waiting for a response to a support ticket. There’s instant gratification. Who doesn’t love that? Whether it’s written documentation, video tutorials, or hands-on workshops and webinars, explaining complex concepts in a way anyone can understand can be the difference between a product people love and one they…don’t. In this presentation Chris will walk you through how your company can leverage education as a powerful force for improving the user experience of your product.

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