Setup and track right KPIs for your business using WordPress

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May 6, 2017

Based on the nature of business & objectives, the Key Performance indicators (KPI) are different for different businesses.

Gajanan will first explain why different business should track different key performance indicator (KPI) to measure own success.

Next, he will show how you can use a free service such as Google Tag Manager using free WordPress plugin to setup and track KPIs for your business.

The session will talk about a few examples of trackings such as “phone number clicks” on your “call us” button on the site.

The session will also cover varied goals too. As an example of this is, leads received from Blog Posts vs Home Page or leads received from two different videos.

Also, he will cover tracking the various campaigns & sources from UTM URL parameters.

For a few local business, it’s little tricky to understand the response from websites. As an example, a local restaurant might see a good traffic to the website but cannot map it with the footfalls?

Gajanan Sapate will talk about how to work with such situations like above and others.

As an expert in this space, you can ask him questions about your digital problems too.

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