‘Performance’ Videos

  • Pablo López: Auditoria WPO en directo

    Pablo López: Auditoria WPO en directo

    WordCamp Santander 2017Speaker: Pablo López

    November 18, 2017 — El rendimiento y velocidad de carga de una web se está convirtiendo en un pilar básico a tener muy en cuenta en cualquier proyecto web que afrontemos. Una web optimizada tiene un beneficio claro en una mejor experiencia de usuario, menor tasa de abandono, y mejor posicionamiento orgánico.
    En esta ponencia veremos qué es el WPO, cómo medir y analizar el rendimiento de un sitio hecho en WordPress, y cómo solucionar la mayoría de los problemas de rendimiento y velocidad de carga que puede presentar una web.
    Como la idea es que esta charla sea lo más pragmática posible, analizaremos en directo dos ó tres webs de entre los asistentes. Veremos cuales son los puntos débiles y cómo mejorar los problemas de rendimiento en páginas desarrolladas con WordPress.

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  • Mat Marquis: Performance Under Pressure

    Mat Marquis: Performance Under Pressure

    WordCamp Boston 2017Speaker: Mat Marquis

    August 10, 2017 — This talk walks through the highly performance-focused (and WordPress-based!) approach we took to Bocoup.com—from tinkering with the built-in responsive images functionality, to asynchronous font application, to fully automated CriticalCSS setup.

  • Siddharth Ashok: Optimizing WordPress for Speed and Performance

    Siddharth Ashok: Optimizing WordPress for Speed and Performance

    WordCamp Kathmandu 2017Speaker: Siddharth Ashok

    June 19, 2017 — Siddharth Ashok is currently working with Indian-Swedish Web agency WebbDesinger aka Next Big Thing, as Front-End and WordPress developer. He discussed how to optimize your WordPress site, that would include some tips for basic server-side optimisation, best practices to follow that would make a site fast, optimizing images and files, tools to measure and optimize site’s speed, and avoiding bad practices that make a site slow, etc.

  • Krystle Herbrandson: Better, Faster, Stronger – What to Know About CDNs

    Krystle Herbrandson: Better, Faster, Stronger – What to Know About CDNs

    WordCamp San Diego 2017Speaker: Krystle Herbrandson

    May 13, 2017 — Ready to learn the ins and out of how to accelerate the performance of your site? Site back and relax, you’re in for a treat! We’ll cover just what a Content Delivery Network is, what it can do for your site and how your sites can be better, faster and stronger.

  • Setup and track right KPIs for your business using WordPress

    Setup and track right KPIs for your business using WordPress

    WordCamp Pune 2017Speaker: Gajanan Sapate

    May 6, 2017 — Based on the nature of business & objectives, the Key Performance indicators (KPI) are different for different businesses.

    Gajanan will first explain why different business should track different key performance indicator (KPI) to measure own success.

    Next, he will show how you can use a free service such as Google Tag Manager using free WordPress plugin to setup and track KPIs for your business.

    The session will talk about a few examples of trackings such as “phone number clicks” on your “call us” button on the site.

    The session will also cover varied goals too. As an example of this is, leads received from Blog Posts vs Home Page or leads received from two different videos.

    Also, he will cover tracking the various campaigns & sources from UTM URL parameters.

    For a few local business, it’s little tricky to understand the response from websites. As an example, a local restaurant might see a good traffic to the website but cannot map it with the footfalls?

    Gajanan Sapate will talk about how to work with such situations like above and others.

    As an expert in this space, you can ask him questions about your digital problems too.

  • Austin Gil: A Holistic Approach to Web Performance

    Austin Gil: A Holistic Approach to Web Performance

    WordCamp San Diego 2017Speaker: Austin Gil

    April 6, 2017 — This discussion looks at different opportunities and techniques where project managers, designers, and developers can improve performance. The techniques presented range from beginner to advanced so just about anyone can walk away with something to apply to their next project. Topics cover concepts and planning, workflows, tools and services, plugin recommendations, and there are links to code examples as well.

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  • Andy Melichar: I Can Haz More Performanz

    Andy Melichar: I Can Haz More Performanz

    WordCamp Omaha 2016Speaker: Andy Melichar

    March 5, 2017 — There are many factors that go into making WordPress fast. Caching, minifying, optimizing, CDN’s, web servers, you name it! We’ll take an in-depth look at all the technologies involved in WordPress performance, and make it a little less daunting to go under the hood and start tuning. Yes, yes! You can haz more performanz, too!

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  • Will Riley: Server-side Performance

    Will Riley: Server-side Performance

    WordCamp Omaha 2016Speaker: Will Riley

    March 5, 2017 — WordPress is a great framework. What can we learn from other frameworks? What’s the most expensive things that can happen on, frankly, any website? In this talk, we’ll take a comparative look at different philosophies, tools, and methods to make WordPress sites blazing fast. After attending, you should be able to understand where bottlenecks can pop up in your sites. If you have questions, I’m open to answer them over coffee via Twitter!

  • Επαμεινώνδας Γάσπαρης: High Performance WordPress Installation

    Επαμεινώνδας Γάσπαρης: High Performance WordPress Installation

    WordCamp Athens 2016Speaker: Επαμεινώνδας Γάσπαρης

    January 22, 2017 — Πώς μπορεί μια εγκατάσταση WordPress να γίνει πιο γρήγορη; Ποιοι είναι οι παράγοντες που επηρεάζουν την ταχύτητα απόκρισης ενός server; Τι πρέπει να αποφεύγουμε; Η παρουσίαση επιχειρεί επιγραμματικά να εστιάσει στους παράγοντες που πρέπει κάθε developer να έχει στο μυαλό του ώστε να μην επηρεάσει αρνητικά την ταχύτητα ενός site, αλλά και στις επιλογές στο setup του server που δρουν ευεργετικά ή ανασταλτικά.

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  • Francesco Grasso: Miglioriamo le performance di WordPress

    Francesco Grasso: Miglioriamo le performance di WordPress

    WordCamp Milano 2016Speaker: Francesco Grasso

    December 2, 2016 — Alcune delle regole e dei suggerimenti essenziali per migliorare le prestazioni del tuo sito WordPress. Analizzeremo molto velocemente un tema WordPress non ottimizzato per portarlo a dei risultati di tutto rispetto con poche righe di codice ed avvalendoci dell’uso di alcuni plugin che verranno spiegati e configurati in modo semplice ed efficace.

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