Jim Walker: WordPress Lets Me Do It

6 responses on “Jim Walker: WordPress Lets Me Do It

  1. Jim Walker

    Thank you for getting this online WordPress.tv peeps.


  2. Jim Walker

    Minor typo there. Title should say, “WordPress Lets Me Do It”


  3. Jim Walker

    Hi WordPress TV folk. Jim Walker at jim@hackrepair.com
    Any chance I can get the higher resolution copy of the presentation?

    I would really like to try and clean up the audio retain a copy for myself?



    • Michael Wiginton

      I don’t think we have the original videos. The best place to get that would be the WC organizer.


  4. Jim Walker

    We good now. The local WordCamp folks provided me a fresh copy. Nice!


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May 14, 2017

The back drop of our discussion will involve my personal experiences in importing an aging Joomla website into WordPress, along with challenges and mindset necessary to bridge the unknown using WordPress. We’ll cover the tools needed to get the job done, along with the choices I made in building out the project for a non-profit.

Topics covered include:

How to import websites from Joomla into WordPress.
Choosing theme and plugins specific for the project.
Developing and working with a staging website using a hosts file manager.
Getting member subscribers involved in contributing.
And a motivational pitch on using WordPress.

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