Aleksander Kuczek: Get Your Plugin Ready For The New WordPress Plugin Directory

One response on “Aleksander Kuczek: Get Your Plugin Ready For The New WordPress Plugin Directory

  1. Almin Valyani

    Woah, Awesome man, i think this is more than love for WordPress users.


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June 3, 2017

CEO Perfect Dashboard. OpenSource CMS aficionado. Joomla Extension Directory team member, and WordPress Directory aspiring team member. A Foodie and computer games freak. Huge fan of London parks and English tea rooms.
The purpose of this session helped plugin developers to prepare their plugins for the upcoming implementation of WordPress Plugin Directory 3.0.
Years of experience in working with Joomla Extensions Directory data and his recent enrollment in the WordPress Plugin Directory gives him a possibility to advise how to make the transition from the old to the new directory smoothly for all parties involved: plugin developers, plugin users, and the directory team.

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