Paul Oyler: Why Should Someone Who Uses WordPress Care About The WordPress Community?

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July 5, 2017

There is a lot of talk in WordPress circles about the WordPress Community but is that Community just for “insiders”? Why should a business owner who uses WordPress to power the business website care about a WordPress Community? If a Healthy Lifestyle blogger uses WordPress what possible reason would they have to care about a community of WordPress nerds?

I’d like to tell about the importance of community in general, and then bring the focus down to the WordPress Community in particular. The business owner, by becoming involved in the WordPress Community, will find new solutions for problems they may not have even realized they had. There are also numerous networking possibilities that would remain totally hidden without being in the WordPress community. The same holds true for the blogger using WordPress.

And for those of us who may be “WordPress Nerds” – are we welcoming to ALL users of WordPress? We must be if we truly want to be a community. We also stand to gain by exposure to other ‘worlds’ that we may not be exposed to by any other means.

Let’s explore the WordPress Community and find out how to dive deeply into that community and benefit everyone.

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