Shelby Elliott: You’ve Been Branded – The First Step to Engaging Your Ideal Audience

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July 5, 2017

The process of building an effective website starts long before you even touch a WordPress installation. The simple truth is that your audience will construct a story about your business or organization. If you want that story to match the vision you have for it, you’ll need to put some thought into how to talk about yourself to your users. In other words, you must consider your brand. Whether you’re doing it yourself, or hiring professionals, this talk will give you guidance on designing an authentic, intentional, brand that attracts ideal customers, and translates well both on and off-line. We’ll talk about what should inform your brand choices, and how to effectively communicate to your audience with your site’s design, content, and functionality. We’ll also discuss ideas for how you can go about infusing your brand into offline interactions for a consistent user experience.

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