Vivek Jain: Handling Clients, The Human Way

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August 21, 2017

Vivek Jain is the the co-founder and the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) at rtCamp, a Pune (India) based VIP agency. He’s passionate about delivering successful enterprise projects, and about maintaining ongoing client relationships. An active member of the WordPress community, Vivek has volunteered at different WordCamps in the US, and in India.

“Best Practices for Client and Project Management” is a subjective topic because everyone has a different opinion on how to develop the required skills to manage clients. Some experts stress on the importance of professional training to achieve the same, while others find hands-on mentorship as a starting point for great client management. Vivek thinks that there is, in fact, an easier way to get started, and to excel at managing clients while running a company/agency.

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