Shelby Elliiott: Be The Expert Stop Scope Creep And Gain More Creative Control

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August 30, 2017

I charged $500 for my first client website project. I was so stoked because I knew could complete the project “in no time” and I had AMAZING ideas that were sure to blow the client’s mind! Needless to say, my enthusiasm about this project was more than dead after it had gone on for the better part of a year, and didn’t even look REMOTELY like my initial vision. I approached my next project with a similar optimism (though I definitely upped my charge), only to run into a similar situation. If you’ve done client work, you’ve probably experienced this heartbreaking phenomenon. The good news is that you can break the cycle and it DOES NOT have to be this way! This talk will cover some practical strategies for beating scope creep, maintaining creative control, and creating lasting and harmonious client relationships, so you can improve your process and love what you do again.

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