Aaron Ware: Keynote – The Big Fail: Breaking Down the 4th Wall of Agency Life

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October 13, 2017

In this interactive experience we’ll be exploring honesty in agency life. Too often in the agency world and society, we have an unwillingness to put ourselves in a state of vulnerability to our clients and our peers.

Adversity is what drives us to be better, to problem solve and to grow in all aspects of our lives. Nothing in life is perfect and even with extreme planning there are still curveballs thrown our way.

Aaron will be sharing his insights, missteps and lessons learned from nearly 20 years of agency experience, including his 10+ years running Linchpin: a WordPress focused digital agency. He will be encouraging interaction with attendees along the way, providing audience members with the ability to anonymously participate in sharing #fails and #wins on Twitter and/or the WordPress RI Website.

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