Hristo Pandjarov: WordPress Is No Good For Really Big Projects? Yeah, Right!

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October 15, 2017

I have often come across this notion that WordPress isn’t ready for big projects by default and that a lot of customization is needed for it to work at a truly large scale. However, my personal experience with setting up and helping maintain several really big projects has made me heartfully disagree with this statement. In this talk I will show you how a truly scalable and redundant system can be created without the need to change anything in WordPress. Here are few of the topics I will cover:

— Multiple Web Nodes
How to properly use load balancers and how to set WordPress on multiple web nodes without making any application modifications.
— Multiple Database Nodes
How to have a redundant master-slave DB replication without WordPress even knowing about it.
— Shared Storage
How to organize your files on multiple nodes, replicate them and keep them in sync in the most efficient way.
— Handling Sessions
How to handle sessions properly and how to overcome other potential issues with huge sites hosted on high-availability, multi-node WordPress setups.

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