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  • Michelle Ames: The “Hidden Features” of WordPress

    Michelle Ames: The “Hidden Features” of WordPress

    WordCamp Montreal 2018Speaker: Michelle Ames

    December 14, 2018 — There are WordPress Features You May Not Know. If you are like many, there always seem to be things you wish you could do with WordPress, but maybe can’t figure out. This session will provide you with some great tips and tricks for you to make working with WordPress even easier. From changing the number of posts on the dashboard page, to adding a target to link to on the menu dashboard, there are many things that are easy to accomplish — if only you know where to look. Not only are there screen options on almost every dashboard page, but there are help pulldowns, too, helping to answer questions before you might even need to turn to help in a forum. We will also cover shortcuts for use in the editor window, and a quick and easy way to save your favorite plugins to find at a click to upload to your site.

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  • Lee Ndegwa: A Beginners Guide to WordPress

    Lee Ndegwa: A Beginners Guide to WordPress

    WordCamp Nairobi 2018Speaker: Lee Ndegwa

    December 11, 2018 — A technical session taking a beginner through the stages of getting started with WordPress. Installation, hosting and a brief intro on what is WordPress

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  • Matthew Eppelsheimer: The Life and Death of a WordPress Agency

    Matthew Eppelsheimer: The Life and Death of a WordPress Agency

    WordCamp Portland 2018Speaker: Matthew Eppelsheimer

    December 2, 2018 — This the story of Rocket Lift, a Portland-based WordPress agency founded in 2011 and shut down in 2017: How and why it closed — what we did well, lessons learned along the way, and our process of deciding to shut down — shared so other WordPress businesses and freelancers can learn from our experience.

  • Richard Scherer: Using WordPress To Set Up An Internet Radio Station

    Richard Scherer: Using WordPress To Set Up An Internet Radio Station

    WordCamp Brisbane 2018Speaker: Richard Scherer

    December 2, 2018 — Richard is joining us to discuss the pleasures and pitfalls of setting up web streaming from a WordPress site, including equipment, licensing issues, and adventures with Gutenberg.

    Websites are now expected to be media rich as well as responsive – but how do you use WordPress to present and maintain such content, beyond embedding YouTube files? Richard will be answering this, and much much more.

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  • Rheinard Korf: WordPress as API Middleware: We’ve been doing things wrong. Lets fix it!

    Rheinard Korf: WordPress as API Middleware: We’ve been doing things wrong. Lets fix it!

    WordCamp Brisbane 2018Speaker: Rheinard Korf

    November 26, 2018 — Rheinard is joining us to talk API & WordPress. Having integrated several API integrations for large clients patterns have emerge. Yet each time an API project comes up he finds us reinvent the wheel – Why? Mostly because of changing team composition, but more prominently… as a WordPress community we have been doing it wrong. What if there was a better way? What if we could standardise our approach for how we integrate with third-party APIs? What if WordPress became API Middleware?

    In this talk Rheinard will explore this idea. He’ll use a real case study of where they’ve started to implement this. Ultimately he’s seeking feedback from the developer community with the intent to push WordPress forward in an exciting and unknown direction.

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  • Tony Cosentino: Podcasting with WordPress

    Tony Cosentino: Podcasting with WordPress

    WordCamp Brisbane 2018Speaker: Tony Cosentino

    November 26, 2018 — Tony, a podcast host from Sydney is giving us an overview of what equipment & software is needed to get started in podcasting, what services & digital assets you can use and then how to bring it all together on a WordPress website as the hub of the podcast.

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  • Leon Stafford: WordPress As A Static Site Generator

    Leon Stafford: WordPress As A Static Site Generator

    WordCamp Brisbane 2018Speaker: Leon Stafford

    November 26, 2018 — Leon, the Author of the WP Static Site Generator plugin is joining us to talk about static websites and the myriad of ways in which you can keep using WordPress as a great CMS but reap the rewards of static site hosting.

    He’ll be covering a few questions such as What is a static website? and Why would I want a static website? along with covering some of the many different solutions including specialised hosting platforms, plugins, REST API powered websites and the old-fashioned manual methods.

    Whether for security reasons, increased page load speeds or saving on hosting costs, you should come out with a better idea of the pros and cons of static website hosting for your WordPress powered site and a taste of the exciting world of static site generators in general.

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  • Miles Lifton: Trick, Track, and Troll: How WordPress Shaped the Web

    Miles Lifton: Trick, Track, and Troll: How WordPress Shaped the Web

    WordCamp Miami 2018Speaker: Miles Lifton

    October 26, 2018 — We all use the internet, heck as WordPress users most of us even help make it. WordPress is the GUI-based website builder that is easy to learn but hard to master. It is used by millions of people in countless ways — from tricking out a pre-existing website, to tracking complex statistics, or just to troll your friends. WordPress as a platform has shaped the Web like no other. So what has this amazing open-source creation really done to the Web?

    Come to my session as we dig deep and find the profound changes WordPress has made on the Internet. We will explore WordPress as both a platform and a concept to understand how coloring outside of the lines and letting go of the reins can actually improve your customer’s satisfaction and your product overall.

  • Mark Wilkinson: WordPress is a CMS not a CMS

    Mark Wilkinson: WordPress is a CMS not a CMS

    WordCamp Bristol 2017Speaker: Mark Wilkinson

    October 12, 2018 — WordPress allows users to manage their content through the WordPress admin screens. This means users can add, edit and delete content and media and manage their sites without the need to ask developers for every change. WordPress is a content management system, but all too often it can end up becoming a content mismanagement system when editing and managing the site is just too difficult, This talk goes through some of the ways in which we build sites so they are easy to content manage, whilst allowing clients to edit pretty much all of their site. It will cover the different methods we use to make content management easy and some of the problems that we see with sites we have been asked to improve. Hopefully by the end of this talk attendees will come away with some practical examples on how to make content management with WordPress easier and quicker for users.

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  • Khalid Munir: WordPress = Child’s Play

    Khalid Munir: WordPress = Child’s Play

    WordCamp Bristol 2017Speaker: Khalid Munir

    October 12, 2018 — Helping 3 children between the ages of 4-8 to create their first WordPress sites, I realised that adults and children approach problem solving very differently. Adults try to relate everything to experience, which works a lot of the time. For children, every experience is a lesson. They are constantly problem solving, thinking outside the box, and seeing things that adults often do not see. My children have pointed out solutions that are hiding in plain site, but they have also used their imagination to their advantage. This talk offers practical advice for supporting young people creating their first WordPress website, highlights the importance of teaching the future generations about technology and demonstrates that the next generation of WordPress developers could teach us a lot too.