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  • Chris Mundy: Building to last a long time – Leveraging WordPress for you and your customers

    Chris Mundy: Building to last a long time – Leveraging WordPress for you and your customers

    WordCamp Sydney 2018Speaker: Chris Mundy

    August 21, 2018 — ‘When we build, let us think that we build forever.’

    Overview – WordPress is a well-architected web platform for any sized organisation.

    Do we run the risk of underselling WordPress to ourselves and our customers?

    Is WordPress more than a web platform?
    Is WordPress architected?
    Do we understand the value of an architected system?
    How can we take architectural values, apply them to our WordPress delivery, in creating enduring solutions?
    This talk aims to provide WordPress Developers, Users and Business people see the greater value that WordPress brings to the table in delivering enduring solutions.

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  • Martin Hlaváč: Bedrock, aneb WordPress přes Composer od Martin Hlaváč

    Martin Hlaváč: Bedrock, aneb WordPress přes Composer od Martin Hlaváč

    WordCamp Prague 2017Speaker: Martin Hlaváč

    July 27, 2018 — Martin si vyzkoušel školu a pak šel raději do produkce. Od roku 2010 začal profesionálně programovat desktopové aplikace (C# + WPF), kde sbíral především zkušenosti s dlouhodobým vývojem ve větším týmu. Od roku 2012 se pak začal věnovat i PHP a WordPressu, přičemž tento koníček postupně trasformoval v business společně s Tomášem Kocifajem v KT Studiu. Je hlavním objektovým motorem WP Frameworku a v případě špatně napsaného kódu nebo názvu proměnných se nezastaví před nikým ani před ničím. V roce 2015 také společně s dalšími členy spolu založil skupinu Brilo Team, která se zabývá tvorbou rozsáhlých webů a webových aplikací včetně designu, testování, přípravy, analýzy a všeho, co opravdu brilantní web potřebuje a to vše na WordPressu. Martina můžete také vidět na různých WordPress konferencích z pozice spolu organizátora, či aktivního účastníka.

  • Petra Dolejšová: GDPR ve světě WordPressu od Petra Dolejšová

    Petra Dolejšová: GDPR ve světě WordPressu od Petra Dolejšová

    WordCamp Prague 2018Speaker: Petra Dolejšová

    July 25, 2018 — Jako mediální bublinu, která určitě brzy splaskne. 😊 Je důležité věnovat ochraně osobních údajů pozornost a péči. Na druhou stranu GDPR není žádnou závratnou revolucí, jak média často naznačují. Povinnosti, které nám GDPR „přináší“, máme plnit prakticky již několik let – máme tu zákon o ochraně osobních údajů z roku 2000, který se od GDPR tolik neliší. Mediálně zajímavé se téma stalo hlavně díky navýšení maximálních pokut z 10 milionu korun na 20 milionů EUR

  • Martin Šimeček: Jak jsem nasadil WordPress do cloudu od Martin Šimeček

    Martin Šimeček: Jak jsem nasadil WordPress do cloudu od Martin Šimeček

    WordCamp Prague 2018Speaker: Martin Šimeček

    July 25, 2018 — For five years I have been painting Microsoft’s colors among developers. I’m a programmer, I grew up on Delphi and PHP, and I discovered the .NET beauty and stayed with him. Currently most of my workloads are coding with partners and customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and occasionally elsewhere in the world. Together we implement our latest technology into their projects and I then publish the outputs in the form of open-source or articles. “We ship when we share,” is the current password for my team. Besides, I also lecture, make videos, podcast, and so

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  • Udržitelnost WordPress webu od Petr Hlavička

    Udržitelnost WordPress webu od Petr Hlavička

    WordCamp Prague 2018Speaker: Petr Hlavička

    July 25, 2018 — Most importantly, how to avoid adding complications to WordPress with WordPress. I would like to talk, for example, about how to solve the choice of plugins and templates, how to develop templates, how to deal with maintenance, what risks carry “premium” templates, and generally to mention the criteria that need to be considered if the project has or rather WordPress must work as reliably as possible for a long time. I’m going to take it in the form of tips and recommendations to think, because what the project, other circumstances and requirements.

  • Mike Schroder: Growing in WordPress: One Story.

    Mike Schroder: Growing in WordPress: One Story.

    WordCamp Ogijima 2018Speaker: Mike Schroder

    July 17, 2018 — A combination of the story of my life, and story in WordPress from Blogger to Committer, and what’s next. Everyone’s experience matters.

    Everyone’s experience is different. Everyone can grow with the help of their friends. Let’s grow together

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  • Kaisho Damonte: WordPressのことをよく知らないパン屋がみた WordPress

    Kaisho Damonte: WordPressのことをよく知らないパン屋がみた WordPress

    WordCamp Ogijima 2018Speaker: Kaisho Damonte

    July 17, 2018 — When driving a car, we don’t care the details of engines, chassis, or ball bearings of the vehcles. We know how to drive it get to the destination. With this wisdom in mind, as a bakery on this island, who use WordPress, Kaisho Damonte showcases what he does with WordPress to achieve his goals.
    He’ll also describe what he sees WordPress is like and the reason he chooses it, so that we can have a different perspective on the software and the community.

    WordPress初心者による初心者のためのケーススタディ。自動車の運転と一緒で、ユーザーにとっ て大事なのは最低限の技術と目的地であって、どのように動いているかとか難しいことは賢い人達に任せちゃいましょう。このセッションでは、最低限の技術と目的地さえあれば、初心者だろうが 離島に住んでようがWordPressを上手に使えることを具体的事例をもとに提示します。 さらに門外漢のパン屋がWordPressというものをどのように捉えているのか、何故WordPressを使うのか、と いう普段聞けない個人ユーザーからの視点を提供することで、WordPressの多様なあり方の一角に光を当ててみたいと思います。

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  • Fumiki Takahashi, Naoko Takano: 15周年記念・WordPressでできること大全

    Fumiki Takahashi, Naoko Takano: 15周年記念・WordPressでできること大全

    WordCamp Ogijima 2018Speakers: Fumiki Takahashi, Naoko Takano

    July 17, 2018 — In these history 15 years, WordPress has grown and changed. It’s not only a blogging tool anymore. The world is using it as CMS and an Application Framework, and we are witnessing various kinds and sizes of businesses are running interesting projects with WordPress.
    In this session, Naoko and Fumiki will show off the most fabulous and advanced WordPress use, and will stimulate the audience so that they can have our goals for the future.

    WordPressも15歳を迎え大きく成長しました。単なる「ブログツール」から「CMS」そして「アプリケーションプラットフォーム」と呼び名も変わり、ビジネスの規模や種類も注目すべき事例がたくさん見つかります。いまやECやSNSなどなんでも来い。あなたの知るあの大手メディアがWordPressだったり、「え? これWordPressなの?」という事例もたくさんあります。
    このセッションではWordPress事情に精通した2人が初心者から専門家まであっと驚く事例を大量に紹介します。この15年でWordPressが変わったように、あなたも大きく変われるかも? WordPressユーザーがリアルな目標を見つけられるようなセッションにします。

  • Haruna Ooki, Naoko Murakami: もっと知りたいWordPress 〜基本からビジョンまで、実行委員になんでも聞いちゃうよ〜

    Haruna Ooki, Naoko Murakami: もっと知りたいWordPress 〜基本からビジョンまで、実行委員になんでも聞いちゃうよ〜

    WordCamp Ogijima 2018Speakers: Haruna Ooki, Naoko Murakami

    July 17, 2018 — Everything from the basic to the philosophy of the WordPress software and project. Q&A style session organized by the Organizing team.

    WordPressにまつわる様々な疑問をWordCamp 男木島の実行委員にインタビュー!Q&A形式で分かりやすくお届けします。

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  • Breht Burri - Beginning WordPress: Step-by-Step

    Breht Burri – Beginning WordPress: Step-by-Step

    WordCamp Kansas City 2018Speaker: Breht Burri

    June 20, 2018 — We will step through a clean WordPress installation and configuration. We will then step through each section of the WordPress Admin Dashboard to illustrate the following: (1) theme selection & installation, (2) media uploading, (3) plugin selection & installation. (4) install several popular WordPress plugins, (5) create a custom menu, (6) set up a few widgets, (7) create a blog post/page, (8) walk through the elements of a post (9) discuss categories, tags and urls (10) discuss different user types and (11) making backups.