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  • Breht Burri - Beginning WordPress: Step-by-Step

    Breht Burri – Beginning WordPress: Step-by-Step

    WordCamp Kansas City 2018Speaker: Breht Burri

    June 20, 2018 — We will step through a clean WordPress installation and configuration. We will then step through each section of the WordPress Admin Dashboard to illustrate the following: (1) theme selection & installation, (2) media uploading, (3) plugin selection & installation. (4) install several popular WordPress plugins, (5) create a custom menu, (6) set up a few widgets, (7) create a blog post/page, (8) walk through the elements of a post (9) discuss categories, tags and urls (10) discuss different user types and (11) making backups.

  • Travis Pflanz: Before you Blog: Everything your WordPress Business Website is Missing

    Travis Pflanz: Before you Blog: Everything your WordPress Business Website is Missing

    WordCamp Kansas City 2018Speaker: Travis Pflanz

    June 11, 2018 — Every time I meet with a potential client they have the biggest dreams in the world about what they want to do with their website, how they expect their websites to function, and all the money they’re going to make – this month! They think they’re SO close… All they need is “a little SEO” to get them over the top.

    They’re wrong. 9 times out of 10, even the biggest and most long-standing business website is missing many of the very basic business requirements – both on the website and throughout the business’s online profiles, listings and other assets.

    Before you blog for your business, make sure to take care of all the fundamentals so your blog can provide the biggest benefit for potential customers and to your your business.

    This session covers all the things that are commonly (and some uncommon things) missing from most business websites.

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  • Adam Silver: The proper care, feeding and growth of your WordPress website.

    Adam Silver: The proper care, feeding and growth of your WordPress website.

    WordCamp Raleigh 2018Speaker: Adam Silver

    June 11, 2018 — In this talk, we will discuss several other uses a small business can use WordPress for rather than “just a website”. The WordPress ecosystem has grown well beyond a blogging platform and informational websites. It’s now possible to run an entire business off of WordPress.

  • Laura Rabell: How Running a WordPress Design Agency Allowed Me to Follow My Dreams of Becoming a Musician

    Laura Rabell: How Running a WordPress Design Agency Allowed Me to Follow My Dreams of Becoming a Musician

    WordCamp Raleigh 2018Speaker: Laura Rabell

    June 5, 2018 — In the summer of 2010, I made the mistake of reading Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek, while sipping tropical drinks on a beach vacation, and it ruined my life. Or rather, it encouraged me to rearrange my life to make more time for my passion for music and achieve location-independence. My husband and I founded Rabell Creative, a WordPress web design and digital marketing agency in 2012. After six years of experience building WordPress websites for clients full time, I will share with you our top tips and tricks for building beautiful websites efficiently, making your clients happy, and having time leftover to pursue your passions. I will outline the exact procedures and plugins that help simplify this process and discuss some of our most frequent pitfalls in dealing with clients, and how we avoid them.

    Since we can work from anywhere with just our laptops and the Internet, we moved to Nashville in 2016, so I could pursue my dream of becoming a musician and songwriter. Running a fully remote WordPress web design agency is allowing me to travel, play music, and live out my dreams, and I am so grateful for the awesome and supportive WordPress community that helps make it all possible.

  • Vineet Talwar: WordPress Migration All You Need To Know

    Vineet Talwar: WordPress Migration All You Need To Know

    WordCamp Delhi 2017Speaker: Vineet Talwar

    June 4, 2018 — The talk shall begin with,
    – Educating about basic default database structure of WordPress and DNS records in brief.
    – Problems that are faced while migrating WordPress to another server and how does one resolve them effectively.
    – Migrating staging site or local environment to Production site
    – How one can change the domain of their WordPress installation after migration
    – What are the different ways/tools available for migrating WordPress?
    – What is WP-CLI and why you should prefer it while migrating WordPress and how one can effectively utilize WP-CLI to migrate your WordPress site?

  • Michelle Ames: Using your WordPress powers for good

    Michelle Ames: Using your WordPress powers for good

    WordCamp Hamilton 2018Speaker: Michelle Ames

    June 4, 2018 — WordPress powers almost a third of the internet, making it not only powerful, but as an open source project, WordPress is a tremendous gift to all of us. So what do you do with an amazing gift like this?

    Make a living from it.
    Have fun with it.
    Give back.
    Pay it forward.
    All of the above!

    I make a living with WordPress, but I’m also what you might call a “serial volunteer.”
    In the years that I’ve created a career with WordPress, I have also set aside time to help others through:

    Organizing Meetups
    Organizing Hackathons
    WordCamp organizing and speaking
    Creating WordPress classes and clinics
    Setting up WordPress coworking days
    Creating free and discounted non-profit websites
    and more!

    There’s a side effect to giving and giving back with WordPress: I’ve found that the more I give…the more I’ve gained: friendships, clients, jobs, and the warm feeling that only comes from sharing good things.
    Attendees can expect to learn more about the social power of WordPress, how the WordPress community functions, and how giving back is really a way to give to yourself.

  • Giovanni Micocci: Panoview, una piattaforma per la realtà virtuale basata su WP

    Giovanni Micocci: Panoview, una piattaforma per la realtà virtuale basata su WP

    WordCamp Bari 2018Speaker: Giovanni Micocci

    May 17, 2018 — WordPress non è solo una piattaforma per realizzare blog, siti o ecommerce.
    La sua semplicità di database e le potenzialità delle API, consentono di renderlo una piattaforma di backend molto flessibile, adattabile a qualsiasi scenario.
    Con questo talk vi parlerò di come abbiamo progettato e sviluppato la piattaforma PanoView, che permette la fruizione di ambienti in WebVR immersiva, utilizzando contenuti multimediali che sono gestiti in backend attraverso WordPress.
    Sfruttando le capacità del plugin ACF è possibile in maniera molto semplice aggiungere scene o contenuti informativi all’interno di una scena 360°.

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  • Omar Reiss: The new way to WordPress

    Omar Reiss: The new way to WordPress

    WordCamp Bari 2018Speaker: Omar Reiss

    May 16, 2018 — In this talk I’ll give a demo of the new editor, explain what’s about to change and reflect on the opportunities and risks this entails.

    After this talk, you will have a better understanding of…
    – how the process of content creation in WordPress is going to change.
    – what could break if you have plugins installed which add functionality to the post edit screen.
    – the potential (business) opportunities related to the big changes that are coming.

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  • Juan Hernando: WordPress no es solamente para blogs, pero hazte uno

    Juan Hernando: WordPress no es solamente para blogs, pero hazte uno

    WordCamp Madrid 2018Speaker: Juan Hernando

    May 10, 2018 — ¿Conoces el modelo POSSE y sus ventajas? (Publica en tu propio sitio, compártelo en otras partes) ¿Y la IndieWeb? ¿La tecnología Webmention o los microblogs?

    Hablaremos de la importancia de ser el dueño de tu propio contenido, estrategias para no abandonar tu blog a las primeras de cambio y sobre por qué nunca es tarde para empezar o cómo convertir nuestro WordPress en el centro de toda nuestra presencia online.

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  • Laura Díaz: Cómo limpiar un WordPress con síndrome de Diógenes

    Laura Díaz: Cómo limpiar un WordPress con síndrome de Diógenes

    WordCamp Madrid 2018Speaker: Laura Díaz

    May 9, 2018 — En esta ponencia quiero explicar varios casos reales, con los que me he topado en mi trabajo, y es que en una instalación de WordPress a lo largo del tiempo se van acumulando imágenes, revisiones de páginas/post, tablas en la base de datos, plugins que no se usan… etc que están ahí y lo único que hacen es ocupar espacio a lo tonto. Esto es un problema si tenemos un almacenamiento limitado en nuestro hosting, y claro para que pagar más almacenamiento si podemos hacer una limpieza de todos los recursos que no estamos usando.

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