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  • Mark Wilkinson: WordPress is a CMS not a CMS

    Mark Wilkinson: WordPress is a CMS not a CMS

    WordCamp Bristol 2017Speaker: Mark Wilkinson

    October 12, 2018 — WordPress allows users to manage their content through the WordPress admin screens. This means users can add, edit and delete content and media and manage their sites without the need to ask developers for every change. WordPress is a content management system, but all too often it can end up becoming a content mismanagement system when editing and managing the site is just too difficult, This talk goes through some of the ways in which we build sites so they are easy to content manage, whilst allowing clients to edit pretty much all of their site. It will cover the different methods we use to make content management easy and some of the problems that we see with sites we have been asked to improve. Hopefully by the end of this talk attendees will come away with some practical examples on how to make content management with WordPress easier and quicker for users.

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  • Khalid Munir: WordPress = Child’s Play

    Khalid Munir: WordPress = Child’s Play

    WordCamp Bristol 2017Speaker: Khalid Munir

    October 12, 2018 — Helping 3 children between the ages of 4-8 to create their first WordPress sites, I realised that adults and children approach problem solving very differently. Adults try to relate everything to experience, which works a lot of the time. For children, every experience is a lesson. They are constantly problem solving, thinking outside the box, and seeing things that adults often do not see. My children have pointed out solutions that are hiding in plain site, but they have also used their imagination to their advantage. This talk offers practical advice for supporting young people creating their first WordPress website, highlights the importance of teaching the future generations about technology and demonstrates that the next generation of WordPress developers could teach us a lot too.

  • Mike Rynart: Deep Dive into WordPress Performance

    Mike Rynart: Deep Dive into WordPress Performance

    WordCamp Tokyo 2018Speaker: Mike Rynart

    October 4, 2018 — A deep dive into WordPress performance enhancements with a resounding impact on organic traffic, content engagement, and conversions. Users are expecting more and more from the web experiences that they interact with, and want their sites to load instantly. The key to a good user experience is quickly delivering the content your visitors care about the most.

    In this talk, I’ll give you a whirlwind tour of tips and tricks on how to speed up your website.

    – Why speed matters.
    – How you can measure it – Tools and guidance.
    – Ways to improve your website performance.

    Whether you’re new to WordPress and curious how to make your website faster, or you’re an advanced professional looking to speed up your clients’ sites, this session is for you.

    WordPress パフォーマンスを理解する 〜理論と実践〜

    近年、ユーザーの速度に対する期待値は高まっています。このセッションでは、オーガニックトラフィック、コンテンツへのエンゲージメント、コンバージョンに対してしっかり好影響を与えられる、WordPress パフォーマンス改善について実践的な手法をご紹介します。

    – どうして速度が大事なのか。
    – どのように計測するのか、そのツールと指標。
    – サイトのパフォーマンスを改善する方法


    WordPress を始めたばかりで、サイトを速くするにはどうしたらいいか気になっている方も、プロとしてクライアントのサイトのスピードアップについてより深く学びたい方も、ぜひ聞きに来てください。

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  • Łukasz Wilczak: Pobawmy się z WordPressem – kto wygra Mistrzostwa Świata 2018?

    Łukasz Wilczak: Pobawmy się z WordPressem – kto wygra Mistrzostwa Świata 2018?

    WordCamp Poznań 2018Speaker: Łukasz Wilczak

    September 27, 2018 — Własne typy postów, własne pola, niewielka ilość kodu PHP i pomysł – to przepis na nieszablonowe zastosowanie WordPressa. Na przykładzie gry społecznościowej o tematyce zakładów sportowych zobaczymy, jak można zmapować standardowe funkcjonalności WordPressa i zbudować taką aplikację. Ponadto zaproszeni zostaniemy do zabawy – wytypuj zwycięzców rywalizacji o mistrzostwa świata w piłce nożnej i zostań najlepszym graczem spośród uczestników WordCampa.

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  • Helmut Januschka: Die WordPress-Herausforderung (Krone.at) – learned lessons

    Helmut Januschka: Die WordPress-Herausforderung (Krone.at) – learned lessons

    WordCamp Vienna 2018Speaker: Helmut Januschka

    August 31, 2018 — Die Herausforderungen, die Niederlagen und die Erfolge bei der Umstellung von krone.at, der größten Printmedien-Webseite Österreichs auf WordPress.

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  • Godwin Ojebiyi: WordPress and the Internet of Things Mombasa

    Godwin Ojebiyi: WordPress and the Internet of Things Mombasa

    WordCamp Mombasa 2018Speaker: Godwin Ojebiyi

    August 30, 2018 — Presentation on IoT and Its implications in WordPress with various implementations.

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  • Jak mi WordPress změnil život? od Tomáš Kocifaj

    Jak mi WordPress změnil život? od Tomáš Kocifaj

    WordCamp Prague 2017Speaker: Tomáš Kocifaj

    August 27, 2018 — Přednáška od Tomáše Kocifaje na téma Jak mi WordPress změnil život?

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  • Boone Gorges: Is WordPress a Product or a Community?

    Boone Gorges: Is WordPress a Product or a Community?

    WordCamp For Publishers: Chicago 2018Speaker: Boone Gorges

    August 22, 2018 — WordPress fans often cite “the community” as one of WordPress’s main selling points. Makers get excited by the prospect of participating in the development, design, and support of the WordPress software product (zomg 30% of the web). Yet the prospect of participation doesn’t hold the same charm for organizational decisionmakers who are choosing which software products to build their business on. How can we argue for WordPress as a business solution when an honest look at history shows that community-driven projects don’t necessarily, or even usually, result in superior products? How can we conceive of WordPress so that we’re realistic about the shortcomings of the community development process, without selling short WordPress’s strengths as a product?

  • Jodie Riccelli, Shayda Torabi: How to stop Editing in Google Docs

    Jodie Riccelli, Shayda Torabi: How to stop Editing in Google Docs

    WordCamp For Publishers: Chicago 2018Speakers: Jodie Riccelli, Shayda Torabi

    August 22, 2018 — If you are lost in a sea of endless tools organizing your editorial content while trying to adhere to your editorial workflow, then this talk is for you. Learn how to use WordPress to consolidate your workflow into one efficient, organized space.

  • Austin Smith: The Narrow Path for Local News

    Austin Smith: The Narrow Path for Local News

    WordCamp For Publishers: Chicago 2018Speaker: Austin Smith

    August 22, 2018 — This talk will cover material in my report from the perspective of WordPress and the open web, both of which are core to my thinking.