Jennifer Dodd: Upgrading the Support Forums (How to Eat an Elephant)

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December 8, 2017

In the summer of 2016, I upgraded the support forums
from bbPress 1 to bbPress 2.x. This talk will be done as an interview
conducted by Mika Epstein.

It will cover the following topics:
– Getting the lay of the land; figure out storage, destination,
sandbox, meta environment.
– Formulating goals: Minimize downtime, clean import, remove spam/dead
topics when possible.
– MVP in terms of forum functionality.
– Native bbPress importer versus direct SQL script.
– Community support and notification.
– Staging and testing on live sites.
– 10x rule for new problems: memory leaks, multibyte language character count
truncation, different slug lengths between schemas, saturated postmeta queries.
– Planned downtime.
– WSOD disaster two days before the scheduled changeover at 95% data load.

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