Christie Chirinos: Financial Forecasting for WordPress Businesses

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December 10, 2017

You’ve heard of financial forecasting, but you’re not really sure what it entails. However, you do know one thing: planning is good.

Planning allows you to grow strategically, be prepared for setbacks, and prioritize your time. Would you be surprised if I told you that that’s also the definition of financial forecasting?

Ever wanted to talk about what might be the key economic indicators of the WordPress industry? This talk is for you.

We’ll take some really complicated topics in the world of financial forecasting and break them down into ultra-simple ideas using contexts that we, as developers or marketers, actually understand. You will walk away being able to define qualitative vs. quantitative forecasting, the Delphi method, regression-based analysis, moving averages and exponential smoothing, but all in the context of WordPress business-specific applications.

This won’t be a math-heavy talk – the goal here is theoretical understanding. Understanding how the models work in theory will unlock a powerful, high-ROI thought process: to apply what you already know about the work you obsess over, and use that knowledge to think like a forecaster in your decision-making.

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