Marieke van de Rakt: Tips to improve your site’s structure (and your SEO!)

One response on “Marieke van de Rakt: Tips to improve your site’s structure (and your SEO!)

  1. givesuccess

    Title, Alt, Description and Captions are the best way to get seo on photos and videos so google can ‘see’ then. It tells the search engines what the content topic of the photo or videos. IT will show in the html even tho not on page/post (except captions)! Most people leave them blank so it is easy to rank in google for photos if u take time to use unique related txt in these tags!

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December 25, 2017

Optimizing your site structure should be an important aspect of your SEO strategy. Structuring your site is of crucial importance for your SEO. But how do you improve a site’s structure? Where do you start and how do you keep an eye on the structure of your site if your site is growing?

In this talk, I’ll help the audience to improve their site’s structure in a few simple steps.

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