Marianna Siouti: From trading goods to UberEats: Why now it’s the time to focus on eCommerce

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February 3, 2018

This talk is related to Product Strategy and Marketing and can be divided in 3 parts.

1. Why eCommerce?
Presently there are great changes happening on a global & European level that will have a huge impact on eCommerce site development. Can you build an eCommerce website? Good! No matter if you are an experienced developer, an agency or simply a hands-on experience guy now it’s the time to focus on eCommerce website building.
As a research junkie I base my assumption on important pieces of information, stats, facts & figures I have put together, connecting the dots. I will cover:
expected EU policies related to eCommerce
technological exponential growth
consumer behaviour
SMB owner behaviour
eCommerce trends

2. Why WooCommerce and open source?
“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein once said, and we find the expression of it in WooCommerce.
WooCommerce is much more than an open source eCommerce plugin! Depending on the country you live in, WooCommerce can be a catalyst for financial independence and personal development. WP & Woo allow anyone who has time and some technical skills to start building websites and get paid for that. Don’t get crazy here, there is room for everyone, experts and beginner developers.
That is because people are more educated with technology nowadays, although you might disagree with that. All these closed source website builders, domain name providers and “newbie” website creators have contributed to that.
Moreover your are not alone, there is an amazing community backing you up.

3. Where to focus next:
There are specific elements that you as a developer/ site creator need to focus on when working with WooCommerce, to save time and money.
Optimised hosting for eCommerce
Organise your workflows & collaboration
Price your maintenance while working with automation

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