Shinichi Nishikawa: WordBench, WordCamps, and the variations of WordSomething events in Japan

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April 16, 2018

The first WordCamp in Japan happend in 2008. Since then, Japan have had over 20 WordCamps. Japan is well known for the strong community base, including the creation of Wapuu. So, what is behind its strength? In Japan, people are having many kinds of events, not just usual events with sessions and Q&A. For example, photo shooting events, just come and work on anything events, Onsen events, WordPress set up for the first time events, and training camps etc. In this session, I will collect all the interesting examples from all over the country and will do a show-off. The ultimate purpose of this session is to encourage folks to be creative when planning and running events. While learning and sharing are the core factors of meetups, getting close to each other and having many ways of interactions is the key for fostering great communities.

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