Alberto Medina, Thierry Muller: Progressive WordPress Themes

One response on “Alberto Medina, Thierry Muller: Progressive WordPress Themes

  1. croccoinomane

    Very interesting talk, thank you for the clarity!

    I am wondering:

    1) Is it possible to choose and pick features from the AMP plugin? For example, I might want all the HTML & JS performance boosts, without having to rely on a CDN.
    2) Are there success stories of WooCommerce websites using the AMP plugin on product pages?

    Thank you,


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July 8, 2018

In this talk we will provide context of the evolution of the web as related to the support of progressive technologies by the platform and describe how such progressive technologies can be integrated with WordPress themes. We will also showcase a beautiful and highly- performant progressive WordPress theme, demonstrating important aspects of the team such as: (1) Gutenberg integration; (2) Adoption of coding and performance best practices; (3) theme scoring on the Tide “scale”; (4) AMP compatibility; and others.

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