Brian M Logan: Back to The Future (of Search)

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August 19, 2018

For far too long SEO companies, affiliate marketers, webmasters and business owners alike have tried to ‘game the system’ in order to rank their websites.

To ‘cheat’ their way to the first page of Google. But in 2018, with AI casting an Orwellian shadow over Search Engine Optimisation like never before, and the landscape of search (both organic and paid) shifting like sand beneath our collective feet, it’s time to re-evaluate our approach to what makes a website ‘great’ in Google’s eyes.

Google has over 200 ranking signals and over 10,000 sub-rankings signals, all tasked with working out who goes where in Google search.

In this talk, we cut through the digital skullduggery and online obfuscation to reveal the ‘Top 10 things every website needs to do to own their business vertical in 2018’.

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