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August 21, 2018

Writing high-quality WordPress code is hard to do. It requires constant effort on our part and good self-awareness to know when we slipped up. But, if your business has any sort of success (which we all want!), you’re going to work with more and more people. And many of them are likely to touch with your code. This is going to put a strain on your development processes. It becomes harder to maintain a certain level of code quality. And you’re no longer the only person pushing code. You’re now part of a team and you need a way to standardize all of the things you once did on your own. That’s goal of continuous integration. It lets you automate your different development workflows from testing to deployment. This ensures that the quality of your code stays consistent. This talk will go over the basics of continuous integration. We’ll also go over some of the tools that are available. And then we’ll finish by looking at how you put these tools together to create your own continuous integration environment.

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