Ben Meredith: How To Get Better Support

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December 11, 2018

We’ve all had the experience of a support technician being seemingly unable to answer our questions about their theme, plugin, or service.

Believe it or not, theme and plugin developers and their support techs really do want to help you. Their goal is to make sure that the technology they provide you isn’t just a sale, but useful, and, ultimately, works to make your website successful. To make sure that you are both working in the same direction, there are some things you can do to ensure a great outcome.

Do you know that there’s a link between your support tickets and better documentation?

Do you find yourself frustrated at developers and support reps who can’t seem to diagnose issues arising from their plugins or themes?

Do you want to find better answers to your support questions, more quickly?

Plus, the two-minute method of solving +50% of your support requests before you even send them.

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