Jesse Emmanuel (Jem) Rosario: Gutenberg and the Content Design Opportunity

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December 28, 2018

Gutenberg’s imminent arrival creates both excitement and uncertainty in WordPress users. On the one hand, its resemblance to distraction-free editors—Medium, for example—is a step forward. On the other hand, its impact on site building is massive. Aside from whether Gutenberg will be compatible across every single WordPress site, we also wonder if it spells the end of page builders or even WordPress consulting. This session is a forum for those questions.
We’ll assess Gutenberg’s opportunities and challenges and how we might prepare for it. We’ll especially look at Gutenberg’s content design opportunity and how it enables better content creation through atomized content. By modularizing content into blocks, we have the opportunity to approach content creation from the bottom-up—something that’s more explicit in Gutenberg than in the current WordPress editor. Whatever your views regarding Gutenberg, come to this session for a nuanced look on what it has to offer and prepare for its imminent arrival.

An overview of Gutenberg’s editing interface and authoring experience.
Discuss and plan for Gutenberg’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with respect to adoption and site development.
A broad introduction to content design and how Gutenberg explicitly builds it into the authoring experience.

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