Sherry Walling: Don’t Become Your Own Worst Enemy: How to Avoid the Five Psychological Landmines That Will Kill Your Business

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January 22, 2019

Okay so you started a business. You have a least one customer and they give you money for your service or product. Yipee! It’s all straightforward from here, right? Unfortunately, no. Dr. Walling will highlight five toxic beliefs that have the power to seriously disrupt the health of your business and the well-being of your life. These beliefs include: 1) My business is my baby. 2) I love my customers and my customers love me. 3) The hustle makes the money. 4) I got this! 5) No time for feelings- this is business. She’ll explain how founders adapt these ideas and the serious consequence they can have. And of course, she’ll walk you through how to avoid embracing these dangers so that you can do your work and enjoy your life.

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