Alex Buran : Foreign Market Penetration Techniques – How to Sell Globally

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January 23, 2019

Market penetration is the first step some startups take towards business growth. Perhaps, the most import component to consider is whether the time is right to attempt this. A dependable market penetration plan begins with identifying which of your WordPress products or services to focus on. This is intended to be a low-risk business growth strategy typically focused around increasing marketing and sales efforts, and sometimes even increasing your business locations.

I’ll cover a few important things for a WordPress developer in business to get started with including knowing the right time to localize your theme or plugin, how to prepare your WP directory listing in a foreign language, a pricing strategy and marketing channels in the foreign market. By the end of my session you’ll walk away with several techniques and you will know four key factors in developing a successful foreign market penetration strategy for your theme or plugin.

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