M Asif Rahman: Growing Big With WordPress Theme and Plugin Business

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February 8, 2019

After working in WordPress Eco-system for 14 years, and growing a company to over 60 people, which makes it one of the largest WordPress Plugin Development company, I will share my story how we bootstrapped, and what will make a WordPress Product business successful in coming years.

I am Ex-CEO of weDevs, a solid WordPress Product company from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since inception of weDevs, back in 2013, we created dozens of plugin, released all for free in WordPress.org and sold add-ons and premium version. With over One Million downloads we have made over several millions of dollar from our WordPress Plugins.

I will share about the journey of weDevs and how we grew our team, a brief discussion about what to do and what not. I will talk about the moral background while making business decision.

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