Shayda Torabi & Patrick Rauland: 10 Things I Learned Setting Up my Online Store

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March 11, 2019

ECommerce is a popular subject area with hundreds if not thousands of implementations. Plus, more and more stores are going online every day making the ECommerce market explode with opportunity. Of course you want your store to be successful, but there’s a lot of contradictory & outdated advice for what tool to use for what. And as a store owner, how do you make sense of the chaos and do what’s not only right for your business, but what will propel it forward? Listen to best practices from Patrick Rauland, a former WooCommerce Product Manager & how ECommerce business owner Shayda Torabi applied those best practices to scale her online store. She’ll tell us what she learned, what was worth implementing, and what wasn’t worth her time.

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