Steve Schwartz: WordPress Security – You’re STILL NOT Doing Enough!

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April 3, 2019

You can’t just install a couple of security plugins and call it a day when it comes to safeguarding your WordPress website. Plugins are a great start. The door to your website now has a lock on it. But how about adding a dead bolt? A door chain? A peep hole? Titanium reinforcement? A pet dragon hiding inside? Plugins help with the 5th layer of security. Did you know there are 4 more layers that you are most likely not protecting? Huh? Did he say 4 more? Come learn how to safeguard the other 4 layers so that even with the best of plugins, you drastically reduce your (and your client’s) chances of getting hacked. Just as you would add layers of security to protect your home and family, your WordPress security needs a multi layered approach. Come learn how to build a wall, a moat, and some additional lookout towers to keep the bad guys away from your castle. Oh, and dragons? We’ll talk about them too, if we have time.

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