Kenda Macdonald: What WordPress can learn from behavioural Psychology – How to Hack the Brain

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April 11, 2019

As businesses we can all too easily get focused on conversion rates… and when we become obsessed with CRO – we tend to forget all about the consumer and their needs and wants. Have we become too focused on the tech and forgotten about the consumer? I’ll share what can we learn from behavioural psychology – and how can we use those lessons to build relationships that last with the people who visit our websites. I’ll discuss how we really make decisions (and how this impacts SEO), what goes into a buying decision, and how to adapt sites and pages to make your audience more likely to convert – and stick around. We did not evolve to click around webpages – we evolved to survive – and that has serious implications for how we browse. I’ll show you how to think about how your audience thinks, and how to hack the buyer brain.

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