Ahmed Khalifa: Making the Most Out of SEO to Grow your WordPress Plugins & Themes Business

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April 23, 2019

When looking at how small WordPress plugins and themes businesses operate, only a small handful of them takes advantage of SEO to grow their business.

It’s tricky though because when you’ve got other things to worry about in your business, it’s not a surprise that SEO is not a major priority. In fact, it can be overwhelming to find out what you need to do…even for me, and I do it for a living.

But can you really grow your business with zero or little traffic? Especially if you are providing plugins and themes, which requires online engagements?

Whether you are new and scaling your business, or you are looking to boost your existing business, it’s time to look at how SEO can be a major investment in your business.

In this talk, we will look at the essential ways you can do that with the help of some actionable tips and strategy which you can apply today.

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