Amy Hall : Ecommerce and Email: How to get more ecommerce sales with email

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May 11, 2019

Building eCommerce websites for your clients is a good niche for any WordPress Developer. But once the site is built, the goal is for sales. Setting up eCommerce Email Marketing can not only add value to your offering, but help your client get more sales.

In this talk, we will break down three key types of email subscribers: interested, engaged and lapsed. More importantly, will open up the dialog with the attendees so they get actionable tips to bring to their clients Monday morning.

Feel free to ask how eCommerce can be optimized with welcome emails, product promotions, abandoned cart sequences, transactional emails, page triggers, upsells, email coupons, birthday specials, re-engagement campaigns, and newsletters. You will want to bring your real-world questions and a notepad for this session for sure.

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