Alison Rothwell: How To Scale Your WordPress Business As Painlessly As Possible

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June 5, 2019

Eight years ago I was a one Gal Band running my WordPress business on lots of coffee and late nights and systems held together by a wing and a prayer and a bit of sellotape. This had to stop. Since then I’ve scaled my business with people, policies and systems, so I work with more clients in a less stressful way, and enjoy life an awful lot more!

In my session I will focus on:

– making your first hires – considering off-shore? I’ll share my experiences, good and bad!
– when to grow your team – spot when you are ready!
– cutting down on confusion – developing robust communication and planning systems for your team and clients to minimise miscommunication as you expand.
– creating your business manual – sounds dull but is the lifeblood of your business – I will show you how to create a living document that grows with you.

Learn from my mistakes while I share my own short cuts to avoiding burnout and loving your WordPress business more.

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