Matt Perry: WordPress security – a risk assessment approach

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June 10, 2019

For a variety of reasons, we humans tend to be poor assessors of both the probability that something bad will happen, and the damage that is likely to result should such a thing occur. Academics have studied this phenomenon since about the 1960s under the rubric of risk assessment. What does this way of thinking have to teach us about WordPress security? Can we construct a risk matrix to help us choose which aspects of WordPress security are most in need of our limited time and attention?

In this session, I’ll draw on both on my own experience providing technical consulting in the areas of security and scaling to some of the world’s largest and most security-sensitive WordPress sites, and on the wisdom of community members who maintain smaller sites for businesses and individuals. In addition to providing a brief overview of the total security landscape as it applies to WordPress, we will attempt to use some of the tools of risk assessment to help us focus our attention in the right areas, including any we tend to naturally overlook.

This session, though touching on some technical topics, is suitable for anyone who administers, uses or develops WordPress sites.

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