Paul Thompson: SEO is Evolving Faster Than Ever. How to survive and and take advantages of all the recent changes.

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July 26, 2019

Does it feel like keeping up with SEO has been a wild ride the past year?

The one constant in SEO is change, but the past 12 months have been especially turbulent. And the rapid pace of change promises to continue. Hard to know which changes to pay attention to and what to do about them

Voice Search? Mobile-First Index? E-A-T and algorithm updates? Site speed? Structured Data and Schema? Major changes to SEO Tools (Hello, Yoast SEO and Google Search Console!)


You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed. We’ll get right into the nitty-gritty of understanding how we need to adjust our thinking and adapt our WordPress sites, content and processes to succeed in this new reality, while maintaining our sanity. And slay a few sacred cows in the process.

We’ll particularly focus on the needs of small business sites, bloggers and small to medium, e-commerce sites while keeping the jargon under control.

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