Janine Paris: Don’t waste your shmoney on project management

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August 8, 2019

Project management at its best removes obstacles to doing great work by helping clients and teams collaborate effectively and providing great data for business decisions. At its worst, it’s a complex administrative system for reporting statuses on failed or failing projects.
It’s tempting to try to fix bad project management situations with software, since that’s what we make for other people-websites, plugins, blocks, or themes that solve various business problems. Before you spend that hard-earned cash on expensive software, though, let’s talk about some less spendy ways to provide value and focus on what we’re really here to do.

Understand what you, your boss, and/or your team need from you before investing in software or other tools.
Tools for task management, process automation, invoicing and budget tracking, and project management.
How to learn from bad practices and bad data.

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